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Welcome to BG Wiki, a Final Fantasy XI resource created and maintained by the player community.
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Remember that we have a cool Template:User Page. This fancy thing-a-ma-bob allows you to design your own semi-flexible user page!
While it may seem daunting, all it really takes is typing something in or copy pasting one of the existing (and expanding) User Page Templates into a |field= entry.

While this may not be for everyone and some may merely wish to use or create a Checklist or two, it allows BG users to build their own profiles. Simply copy, paste, and go. It may not be the most perfect thing, but damn it Jim, this is a wiki, not some freewheeling website!

If you lack an account to BG, simply Register, wait a couple hours for the anti-spam/anti-bot cooldown to pass, log in, click your name in the top right, and copy paste/edit away.

  • If you have any issues with information on the wiki please let us know so we may address any concerns.
Lack an account? Register, wait a couple hours for the anti-spam cooldown, log in, and let us know.
We deeply value our accuracy, and do not want players finding inaccurate information, nor spreading inaccuracies. Opinion pieces however, are tagged, disclaimed, and excluded.
Ongoing and Upcoming Events

December 10th - January 28th
Days Remaining: 3
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Adventurer Gratitude Campaign
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January 14th - January 31st
Days Remaining: 6

Bonanza Winning Numbers
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January 12th - February 6th/9th
Days Remaining: 15

Login Campaign
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January 13th - January 31th
Days Remaining: 6

New Year's Boon and Bounty Campaign
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Note: Users that are not logged in may see inaccurate count down times.

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