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We are always glad to receive quality feedback in order to improve the site for the entire community. Please don't hesitate to leave us some feedback.
Note: Alternatively, you may leave suggestions in this forum thread.
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Wiki Requests
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Please leave your feedback like so --Spicyryan (talk) 11:06, 1 February 2018 (EST)

TP bonus page is shockingly incomplete, doesn't mention fencer, or warrior's improved warcry, etc, some expert plz elaborate? --Bobthetaru (talk) 19:49, 2 August 2019 (EDT)bobthetaru (talk 19:48, August 2019 (EST)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Yeah, that page is wholly inadequate. Fae has mentioned tackling it a few days ago when I brought it up in the Discord so give it a bit of time. --Spicyryan (talk) 11:35, 6 August 2019 (EDT)

Nandaka's item description image needs to be updated. It still says "Nanadaka". EtherealMutation (talk) 22:11, 29 February 2020 (EST)


Wiki Suggestions
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  • Add to area pages lists/tables of "???" points and other selectable spots, to be associated with links to the respective quests, NMs or relevant systems; may benefit from a specific template, but could also account for recurring spots like Goblin Footprints
  • Add to gear pages links to absolute upgrades to the corresponding item (not just direct ones, like +1 version, or Unity NM coffer versions of regular NM drops, but anything usable by the same jobs or more with superior stats in one or more categories, even if it's for a higher level)
  • Add to quest/mission pages links to any NPCs involved in the respective cutscenes (something of a secondary concern, but there are several orphaned pages with cutscene-only NPCs, and could be handy for the more story-inclined)

Loona (talk) 12:25, 21 February 2018 (EST)

  • Not quite sure what you mean by not just including links the NQ or HQ links to a piece of armor, but any usable armor with superior stats. How would you determine each piece in the game that is better, and what if a suggestion is better than another suggestion or what if it is simply situational?
As far as the links between upgraded versions of a piece. We have been implementing this over time. It is noticeable with the Reforged Relic Armor item pages for example, but we have a lot more of that to do in general. As for crafting pieces like the Su3 gear, the set pages have both the NQ and HQ on it. --Spicyryan (talk) 11:05, 23 February 2018 (EST)
  • I mean, for example: say you still have your Ranger's Necklace back from when you unlocked RNG, and kept it because you have no piece for that slot with comparable stats; then you manage to get a Sanctity Necklace, and that not only has superior versions of the same stats, it has additional stats, including an actual Defense stat, and is usable on more (all) jobs, so if you get that, there's no reason to ever use the Ranger's Necklace ever again, and it might even replace a few other neck pieces for other jobs in the process. Maybe it's a bit of an extreme example, but I've gone through that specific experience and several others with lower-level gear, and I figure a nice way to find good replacement pieces in such a manner can be an extra tool to help manage/prioritize inventory when it comes to gear (I think I manage to get rid of at least 3 different neck pieces I was keeping for a "just in case" situation when I got the Sanctity). again, not a major priority, but could be handy to consider as a QoL enhancer for gear pages once a few other major structural issues with the wiki are taken care of. Loona (talk) 08:40, 7 March 2018 (EST)
  • That is a really cut and dry example. Most gear doesn't work that way at all where it is a 1:1. Furthermore, how would you suggest we go about selecting these items and building said progression table? --Spicyryan (talk) 23:13, 26 March 2018 (EDT)

Discrepancy and Issue Reports

Issues With a Page
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Issue found: typing earring or earrings in the search bar at the top right hand of the screen, then clicking the magnifying glass or hitting enter on the keyboard, takes you to all the head equipment category listed in the game (also falsely labelled earrings at the top of the screen), and doesn't direct you to the list of earring equipment listed in the game.

Spawnagain (talk) 05:19, 14 July 2019 (EDT)

This was fixed. What happened was I updated the Earrings page with the new earring from the Cait Sith BCNM added in the July 2019 Version Update Changes, and then I overwrote it with the Head equipment instead of navigating to the Head category first. Both are fixed and updated. Thanks for pointing this out! Funkworkz (talk) 10:44, 14 July 2019 (EDT)

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