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The Adoulinian Coalitions are the six guilds responsible for assisting with the effort to colonize the Ulbukan wilderness.

Each of the six coalitions has a specific role in the colonization effort, and is led by an elected Coalition Maester. Each Maester also serves as a leader of one of the Twelve Orders of Adoulin.


Reference the individual coalition pages below for more information about services, Ionis bonuses, and Coalition Assignments.

Coalition Location Maester Roles
Pioneers' Coalition Pioneers' Coalition Western Adoulin (E-8) Lhe Lhangavo Territory Cultivation
Resource Preparation
Peacekeepers' Coalition Peacekeepers' Coalition Eastern Adoulin (F-7) Gratzigg Security & Defense
Couriers' Coalition Couriers' Coalition Western Adoulin (G-7) Reginald Supply Transport
Scouts' Coalition Scouts' Coalition Eastern Adoulin (F-9) Margret Terrain Intelligence
Materials Analysis
Mummers' Coalition Mummers' Coalition Western Adoulin (G-10) Flaviria Pioneer Morale
Enemy Intelligence
Inventors' Coalition Inventors' Coalition Western Adoulin (J-10) Amchuchu Equipment & Tools Development

Edification and Coalition Rank

Adventurers can assist with colonization by expending their Imprimaturs to partake in Coalition Assignments offered within each coalition. If enough Imprimaturs are used at a Coalition on a given week and the Coalition has not yet attained all available edifications, that Coalition will rank up the following week (Sunday at 0:00 JST), with the edification selected on by referenda from those who completed assignments.
It is also possible for a neglected coalition to lose a rank. The services offered by a coalition, the bonuses offered by Ionis, and the visual appearance and available NPCs of a the Coalition will be enhanced and expanded as the coalition is edified. The "rank" of a coalition, displayed on the colonization map, is the number of edifications the coalition has received.

The current maximum coalition rank is 8, with the possible edifications broken up into sets. An entire set of edifications must be completed before the next set can be voted on. Sets with multiple edifications can proceed in any order, dependent on the referendum with the highest support.

  • Ranks 1-3 Available Edifications:
    • Coalition Flag
    • Signboard
    • Emblem
  • Rank 4 Edification (requires rank 3):
    • Second Floor
  • Ranks 5-7 Available Edifications (requires rank 4):
    • Adoulinian Flag
    • Main Terrace
    • Bay Roof

Personal Standing

Additionally, when adventurers complete enough Coalition Assignments, their own personal standing within the coalition will rise, allowing them to take on more challenging Assignments with greater rewards that have them venture deeper into the Ulbukan wilderness. More information about personal standing can be found on the Coalition Assignments page.


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