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These are quests listed under the "Outlands" section of the FFXI quest log. Simply click on the category headers in each row to automatically sort that row by its relevant information.

Note that many Outlands quests can only be started after meeting the required Outlands fame level. There are nine levels of fame for each Outlands area, and can be checked by the following NPCs.

Kazham (Windurst) - Ney Hiparujah, I-11.

Norg/Tenshodo - Vaultimand, H-8.

Rabao - Waylea, G-9.

Click one of the links below for a zone-by-zone breakdown of quests for Outland areas.

Norg Quests
Kazham Quests
Rabao Quests

Quest List

Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
N/A The Firebloom Tree Soun Abralah H-9 Kazham
N/A Greetings to the Guardian Hari Pakhroib N/A Kazham 5000 gil
6 A Question of Taste Jakoh Wahcondalo J-9 Kazham 3000 gil
N/A Everyone's Grudging Jakoh Wahcondalo J-9 Kazham 11000 gil
6 You Call That a Knife? Mhebi Juhbily I-10 Kazham 7200 gil
3 Missionary Man Rauteinot N/A Kazham Teleport-Yhoat (Scroll)
6 Gullible's Travels Magriffon N/A Kazham 10000-30000 gil
7 Even More Gullible's Travels Magriffon N/A Kazham Rafflesia Nectar x3
N/A Personal Hygiene Gatih Mijurabi I-8 Kazham Mithran Stone
N/A The Opo-opo and I Lulupp G-7 Kazham Opo-opo Crown
N/A Cloak and Dagger Jakoh Wahcondalo J-9 Kazham Evisceration weapon skill
N/A A Discerning Eye (Kazham) Swift H-7 Kazham 500 gil
3 Trial-Size Trial by Fire Dodmos J-9 Kazham Ifrit (Avatar)
6 Trial by Fire Ronta-Onta J-9 Kazham Ifrit (Avatar)
N/A Forge Your Destiny Jaucribaix K-8 Norg Mumeito Ability to become a Samurai.
N/A Black Market Muzaffar N/A Norg Varies
4 Mama Mia Mamaulabion N/A Norg Evoker's Ring
4 Stop Your Whining Washu J-8 Norg Hojo: Ichi (Scroll)
2 Everyone's Grudge Magephaud N/A Norg Tonberry key
3 Secret of the Damp Scroll Shivivi J-8 Norg Jubaku: Ichi (Scroll)
4 The Sahagin's Stash Laisrean H-7 Norg Utsusemi: Ichi (Scroll)
3 It's Not Your Vault Keal N/A Norg Tonko: Ichi (Scroll).
3 Like a Shining Subligar Heiji I-7 Norg Kurayami: Ichi (Scroll)
3 Like Shining Leggings Heizo H-7 Norg Dokumori: Ichi (Scroll)
N/A The Sacred Katana Jaucribaix K-8 Norg Magoroku
N/A Yomi Okuri Gilgamesh L-8 Norg Myochin Sune-Ate
N/A A Thief in Norg!? Gilgamesh L-8 Norg Myochin Kabuto
1 20 in Pirate Years Ryoma H-8 Norg Anju and Zushio
1 I'll Take the Big Box Ryoma H-8 Norg Ninja Hakama
N/A True Will Ryoma H-8 Norg Ninja Chainmail
N/A The Potential Within Jaucribaix K-8 Norg Tachi: Kasha weapon skill
N/A Bugi Soden Ryoma H-8 Norg Blade: Ku weapon skill
4 An Undying Pledge Stray Cloud N/A Norg Light Buckler
3 Trial-Size Trial by Water Verctissa H-9 Norg Leviathan (Avatar)
4 Trial by Water Edal-Tahdal H-9 Norg Leviathan (Avatar)
N/A Wrath of the Opo-opos Cermet Headstone I-6 Yuhtunga Jungle Opo-opo Necklace
N/A Wandering Souls Cermet Headstone H-5 Cape Teriggan Flagellant's Rope
N/A Soul Searching Cermet Headstone I-7 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Bat Earring
N/A Divine Might Yve'noile N/A The Shrine of Ru'Avitau See Quest Page
N/A Open Sesame Lokpix N/A Eastern Altepa Desert Loadstone
4 Don't Forget the Antidote Edigey F-9 Rabao Dotanuki 1800 gil
4 The Missing Piece Alfesar H-7 Rabao Scroll of Teleport-Altep
N/A The Kuftal Tour Datta F-7 Rabao 8000 gil
N/A Chasing Dreams Zoriboh F-6 Rabao Venerer Ring 4000 gil
N/A The Search for Goldmane Zoriboh F-6 Rabao Deluxe Carbine 3000 gil
3 Trial-Size Trial by Wind Rahi Fohlatti G-9 Rabao Garuda (Avatar)
N/A Trial by Wind Agado-Pugado G-9 Rabao Garuda (Avatar)
N/A Voidwatch Ops: Border Crossing Kieran N/A Norg Ashen stratum abyssite
N/A VW Op. 054: Elshimo List Hildegard N/A Kazham None
N/A VW Op. 101: Detour to Zepwell Gushing Spring N/A Rabao None
N/A VW Op. 115: Li'Telor Variant Kieran N/A Norg Ashen stratum abyssite III
N/A Skyward Ho, Voidwatcher! Kieran N/A Norg None
N/A Indomitable Spirit Irmilant G-7 Rabao Ebisu Fishing Rod
N/A The Immortal Lu Shang Irmilant G-7 Rabao Lu Shang's Fishing Rod
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


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