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Sinister Reign, introduced in the August 5th 2015 update is battle content aimed at players who have finished the Seekers of Adoulin storylines. Within, you cross blades with memorable characters from Seekers of Adoulin in this twisted arena within the deepest recesses of Eastern Ulbuka.
The primary rewards from Sinister Reign are augmented equipment found only within, crafting materials, and Trust ciphers that are also available via Records of Eminence.

Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be of level 95 or higher.
  • Be in a party of between one and six players.

Entry Key Items

Players can speak to Malobra in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court (I-8) and exchange 5,000 bayld for the Macabre simulacrum key item.

Entering the Arena

After all party members have acquired a Macabre Simulacrum, the party leader can send the entire party to the battle arena by inspecting the Infernal Transposer in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court, at (I-8).


Within, you are pitted against three waves of key Adoulin characters.
Each wave will consist of one of three possible enemies to fight against:

Wave Possible NMs
1 Arciela and Ygnas Darrcuiln Ingrid
2 Teodor Morimar Rosulatia
3 Arciela Sajj'aka August

Upon defeating all three enemy waves and exiting the battlefield, asking Malobra about what winnings there are allows the player to choose between five possible rewards.
One random drop with random augments from each of the Notorious Monsters fought (maximum augments listed below), one random material item, or 1000 bayld.

Possible Materials
Behemoth Hide Behemoth Hide icon.png The greasy hide of a behemoth.
Bztavian Stinger Bztavian Stinger icon.png Once attached to the abdomen of an enraged bztavian, this stinger would make even the winds retreat in fear when thrust.
Bztavian Wing Bztavian Wing icon.png This wing ripped forcefully from the back of a bztavian would cause roaring gales to erupt whenever flapped.
Cehuetzi Claw 8752 icon.png Once a terrorizing adornment of a vicious cehuetzi's paw, this glacially frigid nail could supposedly freeze its prey's flesh while simultaneously tearing through it.
Cehuetzi Ice Shard 8753 icon.png Eternally frigid, this crystalline aggregate once remained immutably faceted upon the back of a cehuetzi.
Cehuetzi Pelt 8754 icon.png Each individual strand of fur within this coarse pelt is said to cleave its way through the surrounding air as its owner walked, creating a horrific sonic disturbance that would cause even the most stalwart Galka's legs to buckle in fright.
Gabbrath Horn Gabbrath Horn icon.png The mafic horn of a culled gabbrath that remains doused in the blood of the countless pioneers unfortunate enough to be impaled upon it.
Gabbrath Meat Gabbrath Meat icon.png A thick slice of grilled gabbrath meat.
Rockfin Fin Rockfin Fin icon.png A rigid dorsal fin with a surprisingly clean and soft shape. It once belonged to a rockfin before the beast was fished up from the depths of the unknown.
Rockfin Tooth Rockfin Tooth icon.png Sharper than the most finely whetted blade, this rockfin tooth can slice through an unwary pioneer's fingers in an instant.
Waktza Crest 4013 icon.png Once crowning the head of a proud waktza, this delicately soft feather belies the ferocity of its former master. Due to its difficulty to obtain, many fortunate enough to get their hands upon one employ it as a good luck charm.
Waktza Rostrum 4012 icon.png Though this beak was already torn violently from the head of a conquered waktza, lightning still crackles and darts around it, temporarily paralyzing any who dare to touch its dagger-blade surface.
Yggdreant Bole 4014 icon.png This sturdy trunk hacked free of a yggdreant after a flurry of agonizing attempts puts the fear of the forest into each and every pioneer who dares steal even a glimpse at it.
Yggdreant Root 4015 icon.png This knotted and gnarled root, chopped from the base of a fallen yggdreant, is rumored to bestow everlasting life upon those who boil it in their tea.
High level spell scrolls and other materials not listed above are other possibilities.
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