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Introduced in Seekers of Adoulin, Skirmishes are high level, instanced end-game battle events which take place in an "otherworldly" version of areas of Ulbuka.

The primary rewards from Skirmishes are unique weapons and armor which may be augmented to become more powerful.

Skirmishes are accessed using sets of Simulacrum Segments, which are obtainable by various methods in all areas of Ulbuka.
The three segments used to build a Simulacrum will determine the number and quality of rewards available, the number and quality of extra buffs and benefits you can receive within the Skirmish, and the difficulty and time limit of the Skirmish and its objectives.

Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

In order to enter a Skirmish, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack installed and registered
  • 1-6 party members at level 95 or above
    • Trusts may be called forth into Skirmish
  • Leader must possess a "Simulacrum" key item (see Assembling Simulacra below)

Skirmish Areas

There are currently four areas in which Skirmishes take place. Each area has a unique layout and differing objectives and available rewards. Skirmishes are entered at the Augural Conveyor located in the true Vana'diel's parallel area:

Prior to participating in Skirmishes, Augural Conveyors can be activated as Waypoint teleportation destinations in the same way as Waypoints, and can be warped to for 300 Kinetic Units from Adoulin waypoints.

Content Level

Assembling Simulacra

To participate in Skirmish, the party leader will need to assemble a Simulacrum key item comprised of three Simulacrum Segments, one from each of three categories: Visage, Torso, and Legs.

Each category of Simulacrum Segment influences a Skirmish in different ways.

  • The type of Visage selects the Skirmish area and the tier influences the quality of rewards (specifically, the quality of Ghastly, Verdigris, or Wailing Stones received).
  • The tier of Torso chooses the Skirmish level. This influences the size of the Skirmish area, maximum time allotted, objectives to complete, and number of rewards.
  • The tier of Legs sets the number of Noetic Ascensions available (based on the Skirmish size) and the type of effects they may bestow.

Because of the synergies involved in using higher tier components together, it is sensible to assemble high tier head and legs segments together with high tier body segments. A maximum size run using a tier V body will yield the most possible drops (the quality of which is influenced by the head segment's tier) and the most possible Noetic Ascensions (the quantity and effects of which are influenced by the legs segment's tier).

After obtaining one of each type of Simulacrum Segment, trade all three to Oston in Eastern Adoulin to receive a Simulacrum KI for a small gil fee (100 × sum of tiers of all segments). Lola also offers Tier-1 Simulacrum KI in exchange for Pulchridopt Wings.

Simulacrum Segments can be obtained in a variety of ways in the areas of Ulbuka, but are most frequently obtained from completing Lair Reive and Colonization Reive battles. Higher tier segments are increasingly rarer.

They can be also be obtained from the three methods below, but they are extremely rare and random to come by. There is a constant number of available segments throughout Ulbuka at any given time, and their obtainment methods are random and predetermined. Once one is obtained, it resets to a new location and method of obtainment.

Additionally, they can be obtained from:

  • Purchased with Obsidian Fragments obtained from prior Skirmishes (tier I segments only)
  • Traded / bazaars / Auction House in the "Miscellaneous 2" category.

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are multiple types of campaigns that may run any given month.

Skirmish Treasure Coffer Upgrade Campaign

Double Simulacra Segment Campaign

Skirmish Frenzy Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, both of the above campaigns are in effect.
    • The Skirmish Treasure Coffer Upgrade Campaign bonuses are in effect.
    • The Double Simulacra Segment Campaign bonuses are also in effect.

Skirmish Frenzy Campaign - PLUS!

Skirmish Stone and Arcane Glyptics Campaign



Upon entering the Skirmish, a primary objective, map size, and time restriction will be set based on the area chosen and tier of Faithful's Torso utilized. Once the primary objective is completed, a secondary objective will be assigned which will increase the amount of available rewards. In both areas, certain paths may be blocked until certain monsters have been defeated or a certain objective percentage has been completed. When new paths open, a message implying so will be stated in the chat log. All monsters in Skirmishes are true aggressive based on the normal aggro and link mechanic of their monster family (true sight/true sound/magic/low HP aggro) and check "very tough" at level 99.

  • Rala Waterways (U): Contains several Notorious Monsters scattered amongst many normal monsters and the objectives are to defeat the notorious monsters present.
  • Cirdas Caverns (U): Contains several normal monsters which spawn many more monsters when engaged or defeated and the objectives are to defeat all monsters present.
  • Yorcia Weald (U): Contains a Cantonment which must be protected from waves of oncoming monsters for a period of time.
  • Outer Ra'Kaznar (U):Contains a maze in which several normal and notorious monsters must be defeated in order to obtain a required number of fragments to win.
Faithful's Torso Tier / Objective Requirements
Time Limit (Cirdas/Rala) 30 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Primary Objective 50 60 70 80 90
Secondary Objective 55 66 77 88 100
Primary Objective 6 7 8 9 10
Secondary Objective 8 10 11 13 15
Primary Objective 15 minutes 15 minutes 25 minutes 25 minutes 35 minutes
Secondary Objective 25 minutes 25 minutes 35 minutes 35 minutes 45 minutes
Primary Objective 30 40 50 60 70
Secondary Objective 60 80 100 120 140

Noetic Ascensions

Noetic Ascension
One or more Noetic Ascensions will be found scattered across the Skirmish area. Noetic Ascensions yield benefits for the entire party upon use, and the range and quality of benefits available, as well as the number of Noetic Ascensions found, will increase with higher tier Legs segments (larger runs utilizing higher tier torso segments will also have more ascensions available). Each Noetic Ascension may be used to bestow one benefit to the entire party, and each benefit may only be selected once per run. Benefits will be bestowed immediately (buff effects will remain active for the full duration of the Skirmish).
Available Benefits Faithful's Legs Tier / Benefit Availability & Value
Additional Ascensions +1 +2 +3 +4
Obsidian Fragments+ (Rala/Cirdas) 100 200 300 400 500
Obsidian Fragments+ (Yorcia) 150 300 450 600 750
Bayld+ (Rala/Cirdas) 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000
Bayld+ (Yorcia) 5500 6500 7500 8500 9500
Attack +50 +50 +50 +50 +50
Defense +50 +50 +50 +50 +50
Magic Attack Bonus Question Question Question Question Question
Magic Defense Bonus Question Question Question Question Question
Area Map Eks.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
TP Restoration (300) Eks.gif Eks.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
HP/MP Restoration (Full) Eks.gif Eks.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
Maximum HP Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif +500 +500
Maximum MP Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif +500 +500
Movement Speed Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Check.gif
Defensive Maneuvers (Yorcia Only)
Stockade Construction 1 Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
Stockade Construction 2 Eks.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
Cantonment Restoration Eks.gif Eks.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
Stockade Construction 3 Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Check.gif Check.gif
Stockade Construction 4 Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Check.gif


As the group works towards completing the primary objective, players will periodically be notified of their progress, and after each 20% of the primary objective is completed, players will be notified of some of the rewards they will receive if the primary objective is completed. Rewards associated with completing the secondary objective will be revealed once the primary objective is 100% completed. Skirmish Weapon and Armor rewards are shared between all players (will drop into the loot pool at the end of the Skirmish). All other rewards are player-specific (will load into each player's Treasure Coffer at the end of the Skirmish).

Upon completing the primary Skirmish objective, players will each receive a Fenestral Key. Once any player uses the key, the Skirmish will end (setting the time remaining to 5 minutes), a raise effect will be placed on any KO'ed players, all remaining monsters will despawn, Skirmish Weapons or Armor will drop into the loot pool, and a treasure chest will spawn at each player's position with their personal rewards.

After completing the primary objective, if the group plans on continuing and completing the secondary objective, players should not use the Fenestral Key until the secondary objective is completed.

The quantity of rewards received is dependent on the tier of body segment used and the number of objectives completed. Note that within Yorcia Skirmishes, occasionally a Dithering Heartwing enemy will spawn at a random location on the map. This enemy will not move towards the cantonment, and if it is defeated prior to the announcement of the secondary loot pool (at the 10 minute warning), one extra piece of armor will be rewarded for completing the objectives, in addition to the quantity from the table below.

Rewards Objective Completed Faithful's Torso Tier / Number of Reward Items
(Treasure Pool)
Primary 1 2 3 4 5
Secondary 2 3 4 5 6
(Per Player)
Primary 2 3 4 5 6
Secondary 3 4 5 6 7

Skirmish Weapons

The primary reward from Cirdas and Rala Skirmishes are Skirmish Weapons, which can be randomly augmented (within set ranges) by Divainy-Gamainy of the Inventors' Coalition using Ghastly Stones, also obtained from Skirmishes. Weapons will drop directly into the treasure pool when the Fenestral Key is used and the type of weapons which can drop are specific to the area of the Skirmish.

Reference the Skirmish Weapons page for information on available augments.

Upon opening an armory crate in Yorcia skirmishes, a player may receive the key item Vial of translurry, which can be expended, along with a 5,000 Bayld fee, to transmute one NQ skirmish weapon to its +1 version at Divainy-Gamainy. Note that this process will remove any augments from weapon. The weapon can then be reaugmented by using Verdigris Stones.

Upon opening an armory crate in Ra'Kaznar skirmishes, a player may receive the key item Vial of transmelange, which can be expended, along with a 5,000 Bayld fee, to transmute one +1 skirmish weapon to its +2 version at Divainy-Gamainy. Note that this process will remove any augments from weapon. The weapon can then be reaugmented by using Wailing Stones.

Obtainment Area (Base) Available Weapons
Cirdas Caverns (U) Ninzas ·
· +2
Leisilonu ·
· +2
Iztaasu ·
· +2
Iizamal ·
· +2
Qatsunoci ·
· +2
Shichishito ·
· +2
Great Katana
Uffrat ·
· +2
Bocluamni ·
· +2
Rala Waterways (U) Crobaci ·
· +2
Great Sword
Faizzeer ·
· +2
Iclamar ·
· +2
Great Axe
Kannakiri · +1 · +2
Aedold ·
· +2
Hgafircian ·
· +2
Lehbrailg ·
· +2

Skirmish Armor

The primary reward from Yorcia Skirmishes is Skirmish Armor, which can be randomly augmented (within set ranges) by Divainy-Gamainy of the Inventors' Coalition using Verdigris Stones, also obtained from Yorcia Skirmishes. With the proper augments (and often without any augments at all), these armor components can be some of the best in the game for their uses. Armor will drop directly into the treasure pool when the Fenestral Key, with the quantity dependent on the body tier of the Skirmish, which objectives were completed, and whether all Bestial Dens were destroyed.

Additionally, players can exchange Lebondopt Wings (randomly obtained from personal armory crates) for additional pieces of armor at Lola (after initially speaking with Oston) in Eastern Adoulin.

Skirmish Armor can further be upgraded in +1 versions with the Transmelange KI obtained from Ra'Kaznar Skirmish. A number Pulchridopt Wings obtained from the same skirmish can be exchanged for the Transmelange KI or other KIs and augmentation stones.

Geomancer Scrolls

Personal chests may contain one Geomancer scroll, which will typically be the first notified reward as objectives are completed. These scrolls are more commonly received in Rala and Cirdas Skirmishes than in Yorcia Skirmishes.

Other Items

Personal chests will contain two or more items from the list below, which includes the Ghastly Stones needed to augment the NQ weapons received in Skirmishes or the Verdigris Stones needed to augment upgraded HQ weapons or exchanged armor. The quality of any Stones received will be influenced by the tier of Visage used for entry, with higher tier Visages increasing the likelihood of higher quality Stones.

Cirdas and Rala Skirmishes

Yorcia Skirmishes

Ra'Kaznar Skirmishes

Obsidian Fragments

During Skirmishes, players can receive an event-specific and player-specific currency known as Obsidian Fragments. Obsidian Fragments can be obtained in three ways:

  • Defeat monsters in the Skirmish. 1~5 fragments may be obtained per normal monster (all areas) and 10~50 per notorious monster (Rala) or Bestial Den (Yorcia). Defeating monsters will not always yield fragments.
  • Utilize the "Obsidian Fragments+" option at a Noetic Ascension. The amount received will vary with area and the tier of Legs utilized (see table above).
  • Trading Ghastly, Verdigris, and Wailing Stones (normal, +1, or +2) to Ornery Dhole for 1/5th the listed price below.

These can be accumulated up to 99,999 (amount per run varies with run size and legs segment tier) and can be spent in two ways:


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