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General Debuffs
Name Description Enhanced
Accuracy Down Reduces melee and ranged accuracy  
Addle Increases spell casting time, reduces magic accuracy  
Amnesia Prevents use of JA and WS commands  
Attack Down Reduces melee and ranged attack  
Attribute Down Reduces a cardinal attribute  
Bind Prevents movement  
Bio Reduces attack and causes a slip effect  
Blind Reduces melee and ranged accuracy  
Bust Occupies a Phantom Roll slot and causes a negative effect depending on roll type  
Charm Allows another character to control the host's actions  
Curse Reduces HP, MP, and movement speed Bane
Defense Down Reduces defense  
Dia Reduces defense and causes a slip effect  
Disease Prevents recovery of HP and MP  
Doom Causes imminent death if not cured within a time limit  
Elemental Debuff Subducts a cardinal attribute and causes a slip effect  
Evasion Down Reduces evasion  
Flash Reduces melee and ranged accuracy  
Magic Attack Down Reduces damage dealt from magic sources  
Magic Defense Down Increases damage taken from magic sources  
Max HP Down Reduces maximum HP  
Max MP Down Reduces maximum MP  
Medicated Prevents the use of medicines which would also cause Medication  
Muddle Prevents the use of temporary items  
Overload Removes and blocks manuvers. Slows automaton. Can be removed with Cooldown.  
Paralysis Occasionally stops abilities, spells, ranged attacks, and melee attacks  
Petrification Prevents movement and all actions  
Poison Causes a slip effect  
Plague Causes MP and TP to deplete  
Silence Prevents spellcasting Mute
Sleep Prevents movement and all actions Nightmare (Status)
Slow Reduces attack speed and lengthens spell recast timers  
Stun Prevents movement and all actions Terror
Weakness Reduces max HP, MP, reduces attack speed and lengthens spell recast timers. If a player dies while afflicted with Weakness, the subsequent Weakness from being raised will also severel reduce ranged accuracy and magic attack bonus  
Weight Reduces movement speed and evasion.  
General Buffs
Name Description
Accuracy Boost Enhances melee and ranged accuracy
Aquaveil Spell interruption rate down
Attack Boost Enhances attack or damage
Attribute Up Raises a cardinal attribute
Bar Element Raises resistance to a particular element
Bar Status Raises resistance to a particular status effect
Berserk Raises melee and ranged attack, and lowers defense
Blink Occasionally absorbs the next single-target attacks, up to a maximum of the number of blinks
Boost Raises attack and causes Chi Blast to deal more damage
Circle Effect Occasionally causes monsters of the correct type to become intimidated
Copy Image Absorbs the next single-target attacks, up to a maximum of the number of copy images
Damage Spikes Causes damage and inflicts negative effects to any target that strikes the host
Dedication Increases XP earned from defeating monsters
Defense Boost Increases defense
Deodorize Hinders scent-based tracking
Enspell Causes additional elemental damage when striking
Evasion Boost Increases evasion
Food Various effects, depending on the food used
Flee Increases movement speed
Haste Increases attack rate and reduces spell recast length
Invisible Causes host to be invisible, preventing sight-based aggro
Magic Attack Boost Increases damage dealt through magic sources
Magic Defense Boost Reduces damage taken from magic sources
Maneuver lolpup, someone fill this in please
Phalanx Reduces damage taken from non-slip sources
Protect Increases defense
Refresh Gradually replenish MP
Regain Gradually replenish TP
Regen Gradually replenish HP
Reraise Automatically gain the effect of Raise in the event of KO
Phantom Roll Various effects depending on the roll type
Quickening Enhanced movement speed
Shell Reduces damage taken from magic sources
Shining Ruby Increases defense and reduces damage taken from magic sources
Sneak Prevents sound-based aggro
Song Various effects, not all beneficial, based on the song type
Stoneskin Absorbs a fixed amount of damage
Specialized Status Effects
Name Description Notes
Debilitation Question Salvage
Encumberment Question Salvage
Impairment Question Salvage
Obliviscence Question Salvage
Omerta Question Salvage
Pax Enmity Down Gnostic's Drink in Besieged, Nyzul, Salvage
Potency Increased critical hit rate Champion's Drink in Besieged, Nyzul, Salvage
Regain Slowly replenish TP Monarch's Drink in Besieged, Nyzul, Salvage
Level Restriction Reduce job levels to a specific cap Battlefields, certain CoP zones
SJ Restriction Reduce support job level to 0 CoP Dynamis
Chocobo Player cannot be aggroed, cannot act, moves at enhanced speed, and visually appears on a Chocobo Many outdoor zones
Item Enchantment Based on the item that granted the enchantment Varies greatly in effects
Synthesis Image Support Increases a particular synthesis skill by a fixed amount +1 for free support, otherwise +3
Besieged Player is in besieged 0 XP loss on KO
Battlefield Player is permitted to enter a battlefield Also applies to Limbus
Costume Player's outward appearance is modified Rarely has any effect other than visual
Signet Player earns Conquest Points in conquest areas Benefits described on Signet page
Sanction Player earns Imperial Standing in Aht Urhgan areas Benefits described on Sanction page
Sigil Player benefits in Shadowreign areas Benefits described on Sigil page
Ionis Player benefits in Adoulin areas Benefits described on Ionis page


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