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Participating in Conquest

There are various ways of participating in Conquest and gaining influence over regions.

Conquest Overseers by Nation

The following NPCs can bestow Signet on players and offer Nation Conquest goods for sale in exchange for Conquest Points. Do not confuse them with Gate Guards.

NPCs in Jeuno offer the same services to all players as the NPCs in the main nations. The only exception is that they cannot sell items from another nation, only your own.

Bastok San d'Oria Windurst
Bastok Conquest Rewards San d'Oria Conquest Rewards Windurst Conquest Rewards
Crying Wind, I.M. Bastok Mines
Achantere, T.K. Northern San d'Oria
Harara, W.W. Windurst Woods
Flying Axe, I.M. Port Bastok
Aravoge, T.K. Southern San d'Oria
Milma-Hapilma, W.W. Port Windurst
Rabid Wolf, I.M. Bastok Markets
Arpevion, T.K. Southern San d'Oria
Puroiko-Maiko, W.W. Windurst Waters
The following NPCs are located inside of your country's embassy in other nations.
Yevgeny, I.M. Northern San d'Oria
Panoquieur, T.K. Windurst Woods
Lexun-Marixun, W.W. Metalworks
Sachetan, I.M. Port Windurst
Glarociquet, T.K. Metalworks
Chapal-Afal, W.W. Northern San d'Oria
Morlepiche Ru'Lude Gardens - (H-10)
Emitt Upper Jeuno - (F-5)
Alrauverat Lower Jeuno - (F-11)
Kochahy-Muwachahy Port Jeuno - (K-8)

Conquest Tally

Conquest results are tallied once per week at Midnight Monday JST time. This is Sunday morning Pacific time.

Beneficial Rank Effects

  • Regional Vendors are either open or closed in each nation depending on who controls the area.
  • Some vendor's stock depends on a nation's rank. The higher the nation's rank, the more supplies they have for sale. Each vendor and item have conquest restriction information on their pages.
  • If your country of allegiance is ranked higher than another, you are able to purchase the lower ranked country's special conquest items.
  • First place nations have Troupe Valeriano's merchants appear.

Adverse Rank Effects

  • Players cannot receive Crystals from monsters defeated in beastmen controlled area.
  • If beastmen currently control an area in question, none of the vendors are open.
  • Players cannot use outpost teleportation to their home country from an area controlled by beastmen.


If two nations are tied for first place, both nations are treated as if they are second place. Troupe Valeriano merchants do not appear until a nation claims first place again, and no nations have "First Place Only" items for sale.

In rare instances where all three nations are tied for first, all nations are treated as if they are third place. No second or first place wares are sold anywhere.

Region Dominance Calculation

  • Minimal 0-24% approx.
  • Minor 25-50% approx.
  • Major 51-54% approx.
  • Dominant 55%-100% approx.
  • The dominant nation will stay dominant until its percentage decreases under 65% at which point Nation #1 will be Major(51-65%) while nation two will be Minor (16-50%).
  • In the event Nation #2 takes over the influence of nation #1, it creates a simple flip flop Nation #2 is now Major while Nation #1 is now Minor thus changing their placing in the tally.
  • Example:
  • Sandy - Minimal 5%
  • Bastok - Minimal 5%
  • Windurst - Dominant 80%
  • Sandy - Minimal 5%
  • Bastok - Minor about 25-35% is when it changed to minor
  • Windurst Stayed Dominant 55-65%
  • Sandy - 4%
  • Bastok 45-50% Stayed Minor however
  • Windurst about 50-55% reduced to Major instead of dominant

Equipment Trading

It is possible to trade equipment to Outpost vendors to sway influence to your nation of allegiance in an area.

What equipment to trade in and limits

  • What you are looking for for great point values is a high NPC resale price
  • 1 - 900 Gil = Small amount
  • 901 - 3000 Gil = Moderate
  • 3001 - Above Gil = Greatly
  • After a Certain amount of the same type of weapon/armor/ etc has been turned in the actual value is decreased only upon trade (not sure if it ever reaches zero.
  • You can also gain Influence by having signet and gaining exp in those areas I'm assuming influence is based on the same system that C.P. are. Where as 1 C.P = .5-1 Influence point or some mathematical formula.

That is Just an example of some of the gear you can trade.

  • Lvl 40 breast plate set - Great Return for 1-2 / diminished to needing 6-8 for a moderate / great return.
  • Warwolf Belt - Great return 1/ Diminished rather quickly to needing 4-5 for great return and then further where 8 only gave a moderate return
  • Most body armor is a great return for awhile
  • Staves were great returns but were capped very fast to the point that 8 only gave a moderate return
  • The very cheap Rare 2hnd weapons
  • Some R/E equipment that you don't use can turned in for great returns that were pretty beneficial

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