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Tactical Points (TP) are used by players and monsters to execute Weapon Skills/TP Moves respectively. There are some additional uses for players, like magic Blood Pacts, Dancer Job abilities, and so on, but the primary use is to execute Weapon Skills.

This article primarily focuses on Player TP. There is another page dedicated to Monster TP gain.

Players Accumulating Tactical Points (TP)

A player can accumulate TP in the following two basic ways:

Hitting the mob for more than 0 damage

Players gain TP if they hit a mob for more than 0 damage. The TP gained is based on the modified delay per weapon. For modified delay calculation, 'Delay Reduction -%' equipment (such as Sword Strap) and job traits (such as Martial Arts and Dual Wield) are taken into account. Unlike 'Haste', the aforementioned factors lower the actual delay of the weapon(s) and the TP gain per hit for the weapon(s) is reduced.

For compound ranged weapons such as Archery and Marksmanship class weapon, TP gain is based on the sum of the ranged weapon delay and their respective ammo delay.

For Dual Wield, the individual delay of each weapon is calculated with the formula [(Weapon 1 Delay + Weapon 2 Delay) × (1 - Dual Wield %)]÷2. The Individual TP gain for each weapon is then calculated using the appropriate formula.

The TP gain formulas are as follows:

Delay → TP calculation
 Modified Delay  TP gained
  ≤180  61+[(Delay-180)×63÷360]
  181~540  61+[(Delay-180)×88÷360]
  541~630  149+[(Delay-540)×20÷360]
  631~720  154+[(Delay-630)×28÷360]
  721~900  161+[(Delay-720)×24÷360]
  >901  173+[(Delay-900)×28÷360]

The TP value is floored after these calculations, and then floored again after additional modification like Store TP.


  • 317.8/2 delay (2x227 delay Katana with 30% dual wield): 57 TP/swing or 114 TP/attack round, needs 9 attack rounds of ~5.3 seconds, gets 1000 TP in 47.7 seconds.
  • 280 delay (Axe): 85 TP/hit, needs 12 swings of ~4.7 seconds, gets 1000 TP in 56.4 seconds.
  • 450 delay (Great Swords and Great Katanas): 127 TP/hit, needs 8 swings of 7.5 seconds, gets 1000 TP in 60 seconds.

Getting hit for more than 0 damage

Melee hits: A player gains 1/3rd of the TP that the monster gains. Monsters' TP gain can be calculated the same way a player's is. A rule of thumb is that you gain around 21 TP/hit on normal monsters (Most monsters have 240 Delay, and gain 64 TP per hit). Any Store TP gear/traits affect this the same way it affects melee TP gain (see below). Monsters with Subtle Blow reduce this value similar to how it works for players.

Magic: Any spell that does initial damage give the player 50 TP.

Additional TP gain

There are a few traits/abilities/effects that either generate TP of effect the base gain of TP:

Regain: This can come from equipment, Tactician's Roll, Adloquium, Atmacite, Atma, or medicine. Different sources have varying potency, but the basic idea is that you gain a certain amount of TP/tick.

Shield Mastery: This Paladin trait affects the TP gained by a player when hit by a mob while blocking it with a shield. It scales from +10 TP per shield block (Total Gained = 31) at level 25 to +40 TP per shield block (Total Gained=61) at level 96. This can be further enhanced by equipment.

Tactical Parry/Tactical Guard: These ability augment your passive defenses to provide a TP bonus upon proc, much like Shield Mastery. The traits give 20/30 TP per Parry/Guard, respectively, with higher tiers giving up to 50/60 TP per Parry/Guard.

Store TP: This percent-based stat is found on Samurai's Job Trait list and on quite a few pieces of gear. This trait increases the amount of TP gained by the player from normal actions that generate TP. The modified TP value is calculated using the formula floor[Base TP] + floor[Base TP * (Store TP/100)]. Example: a 115 base TP weapon (450 delay) with 20 Store TP gains [115] + floor[115 * .20] = 138 TP per hit.

Occult Acumen: This trait rewards damage-producing spellcasting with a percentage of the spell's cost in TP. So a player with 10% Occult Acumen casting Blizzard III (120 MP) would get 12 TP back. It can be further enhanced with Store TP.

Absorb TP: This Dark Knight only (level 45) spell drains TP from the targeted monster. It does not return any TP when the mob doesn't have TP or is of the undead family. The timing of the spell and the equipping of dark magic skill are essential to the proper use of this spell.

Despoil: The "Despoil Effect" Job Point category for Thief adds a TP drain effect of 2% per point, for a maximum of 40% of the target's TP stolen. This effect will work even if Despoil fails to steal an item. It does not return any TP if the target has none.

Meditate: This Samurai ability regenerates a player's TP when used. This ability regenerates the user's TP at the rate of 200 TP every 3 seconds for a total of 1000 TP in 15 seconds. If a player with a samurai sub job uses this ability, TP is regenerated at the rate of 120 TP every 3 seconds for a total of 600 TP in 15 seconds. Samurai's with a Myochin Kabuto and/or Saotome Kote get an extra tick of 200 TP for each piece equipped during the activation of the ability.

Reverse Flourish: This Dancer ability converts Finishing Moves back into TP all at once. It can also be enhanced by Charis Bangles +1/+2. See the ability page for more details.

Losing/Spending TP

As mentioned above, TP is primarily spent on Weapon Skills. Other than that, TP can be spent on:

TP is lost when you equip something from your main/sub/ranged slots or de-equip something from main/sub slots. It can also be lost due to Plague and several monster-specific TP moves like Spring Breeze or Carnal Nightmare.


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