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I like crafting. Its a wonderful waste of time (and money). Originally taking Alchemy to 60 to get a feel for crafting, I decided to start up my original chosen craft: goldsmithing. After become prohibitively expensive, I stopped at 58. Longing for something at 100 and something that wasn't going to break the bank, I decided on Bonecraft, because basically everything could be easily farmed. I have been steadily making progress on it, and I sit at 70 even. I'm currently stopped as I need to spend a large amount of time farming Coral Fragments, which are horribly hard to come across. It does give me time to work on a lot of GP that I need to get.

Shaded Spectacles progress: 70,000/70,000
Protective Spectacles progress: 70,000/70,000
Boneworker's Apron progress: 34,390/100,000

Bonecraft 80.2+1 Adept
Goldsmithing 58.2+1 Journeyman
Alchemy 60.0 Journeyman
Woodworking 20.0 Recruit
Leathercraft 5.0 Amateur
My mission progress... Turelio Arrow.png

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