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  • Adding the remainder of the French and German sections. Basically I spam Kalisa with auto-translated terms and she formats them properly for the wiki.
  • Need to finish updating the guide with the new tables and colors. And probably get the rest of the terms in, or something.
  • Pretty much finished, actually. But I felt like referring to it here to take up more space.
  • Other BGwiki related things
  • Fucking goddamn quests. FUCKING FORMAT THEM PROPERLY PEOPLE. Goddamn. I keep having to fix quests over and over.
  • Same with the fucking missions.
  • Oh, and goddammit, we have categories for a reason... please stop ignoring them... I hate having to go back and fix those too.
  • I've made something like 72 userbox templates so far. Those suck, but I want my usepage back to its former glory.
  • I work on the other templates too, when I feel like they need fixing or updating... but I rarely discuss them. I like being a dick sometimes.
  • I like to peruse the recent changes log, and check articles for consistency and whatnot. So far so good really.
  • Reverting vandalism! I am teh polizei.
  • Various other menial administrative tasks.
  • Articles so far: 37,637
My leveling progress... Turelio Arrow.png

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